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New UW lab to study RFID

By Lynn Welch
June 23, 2005

Madison has become home to a new laboratory to study radio frequency identification technology, or RFID.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's E-Business Consortium late last year established its RFID lab to put into practice concepts studied by the group's RFID workgroup. During the first half of this year, the lab has been installing donated equipment and preparing for an official opening Aug. 12, announced Wednesday during the consortium's second annual RFID Conference in Waukesha.

"There was a need for ways to validate the practicality of the benefits of this technology," said lab director and consortium associate director of research and education Alfonso Gutierrez. "There was also a need to service an educational avenue where companies could have a safe place to come without having to be under pressure."

Taking the consortium's charge of providing Wisconsin firms a technology sandbox where corporate issues can be explored in an unbiased academic setting, the RFID lab was created with donated equipment form Rockwell Automation, Autologik, RedPrairie and Dorner Manufacturing.

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