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Madison: Downtown wireless is free for now

Downtown wireless is free for now
City's Internet service to get going today
By Lee Sensenbrenner

If you're downtown, there's a good chance you'll be able to get free broadband wireless Internet service for the next two months or so.

The first transmitter for the city's long-anticipated wireless network was to be mounted to a traffic signal pole this afternoon by Cellnet Technology Inc. at the corner of Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Other transmitters will extend to the near east and near west sides, as well as the airport. Until this phase of the citywide Wi-Fi project is completed - due for the end of March - the network will be open and free of charge, confirmed Eve Galanter, spokeswoman for Cellnet.

"As it goes up, people will likely be able to get it on a trial-and-error basis," Galanter said, depending on whether they are in range of one of the newly installed transmitters.

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