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Neurognostics Installs fMRI System at Waukesha Memorial Hospital Demonstrating Adoption of fMRI in Clinical Setting

April 27, 2007 (Milwaukee/Waukesha, Wis.) - Neurognostics, a Milwaukee-based medical imaging company, recently installed their MindState Functional MR Imaging (fMRI) suite of products and services at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  fMRI gives Waukesha Memorial Hospital the capability of mapping important brain functions prior to operating on patients with brain tumors and epilepsy.

"Functional MRI technology has a tremendous potential to improve patient care," said Neurognostics Vice President of Research and Clinical Operations, Cathy Elsinger, Ph.D. "Neurognostics has developed an integrated fMRI System for clinicians, making it simple and cost-effective to implement fMRI in their everyday practice.  Waukesha Memorial's adoption of this technology demonstrates the growing trend of fMRI's progression from research to a standard of care within the clinical setting."

Waukesha Memorial Hospital, a ProHealth Care hospital, is the leading provider of advanced healthcare services between Milwaukee and Dane counties.  The ProHealth Care Neuroscience Center provides services for problems affecting the brain and spine, from back and neck surgery to comprehensive stroke care and pain management.  The center will use Neurognostics' fMRI System to map patients' brain activity prior to undergoing brain surgery, giving surgeons improved treatment planning options and increased confidence, often helping to reduce surgical times and improving patient outcomes.

"Waukesha Memorial Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in the region for stroke, brain, and spine care," said Michael McCrea, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Neuroscience Center at ProHealth Care. "We look forward to using Neurognostic's fMRI System and Data Analysis services to provide the best care for our patients in the clinical setting.  Using fMRI as a presurgical tool has numerous benefits to the patient, including more effective, cost-efficient, and less invasive treatment.  We look forward to working with Neurognostics as we expand the use of their fMRI System to other clinical neuroscience areas and research programs in the near future."

"We are very excited to work with a leading healthcare institution such as Waukesha Memorial Hospital," added Elsinger. "We look forward to delivering improved patient care within Waukesha's neurosurgical setting, and partnering with them to broaden the use of fMRI technology into other clinical areas such as the identification, tracking, and management of neurological disorders such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and ADHD."

About Neurognostics, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Neurognostics is a leading provider of an integrated Functional MR Imaging (fMRI) system and associated Data Analysis services. fMRI is a powerful imaging technique that extends the capability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) by providing functioning information about the imaged tissue.  Applying over a decade of research, Neurognostics is standardizing the implementation of fMRI technology and facilitating its use in a variety of clinical settings. Neurognostics' integrated fMRI system simplifies the application of fMRI within both the research the clinical settings, and provides patients with state of the art healthcare services.

About Waukesha Memorial Hospital
Waukesha Memorial Hospital is a part of ProHealth Care, the only community-rooted health care system in the Southeast Wisconsin region, and one of the few in the state. For more than 90 years, ProHealth Care has been the major provider of health services in Waukesha County. Its integrated health network includes Waukesha Memorial Hospital and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, 15 ProHealth Care Medical Centers, home health care and hospice services, assisted and independent living communities and West Wood Health and Fitness Center. ProHealth Care's mission is to serve residents of Waukesha County and surrounding areas with the highest quality of care at a reasonable cost. ProHealth Care is a leader in providing hospital cost and quality information to consumers. ProHealth was the first in the state to publish hospital charges for the most common procedures and the first to provide a Consumer Inquiry Line that consumers can call for hospital charge information. ProHealth Care is proud to be the largest employer in Waukesha County and among the Best Places to Work (Milwaukee Magazine 2005). More information is available at

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