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UWM physicists win prestigious National Science Foundation grant

By Mark Johnson of the Journal Sentinel

Physicists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, who have been developing three dimensional images of the structure and movement of proteins, won a prestigious National Science Foundation grant Wednesday.

The team, whose work could help drug companies design new medications, will share in a $25 million grant with colleagues at seven other institutions. UWM's share will come to a little less than $4 million over 5 years.

Proteins are crucial to virtually every human action from breathing to thinking and many diseases result from problems with how they are made or how they function.

Six hundred applications were received for grants to establish National Science and Technology Centers. Just three were accepted. In addition to the award made to UWM and its partners grants were given to groups led by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"It's like the Olympic Games where there are three medals," said Abbas Ourmazd, a member of the team that won the grant and a distinguished professor of physics and electrical engineering. "It's an objective metric for the league UWM is playing in."

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