Therese M. Newholm, JD Joins Gehrke & Associates, S.C.

Gehrke & Associates, S.C. is pleased to announce that Therese M. Newholm, JD has been named of counsel to the firm. She is a registered patent attorney whose practice focuses on patent prosecution, reexamination and reissue proceedings, PCT applications, and appeal practices. She will be augmenting Gehrke & Associates, S.C.'s growing patent practice.

Therese is a former Patent Examiner and earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and a J.D. from George Mason University-School of Law.

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Gehrke & Associates, SC is pleased to announce the launch of Creative Protection, an informational blog that covers copyright and trademark law. The blog also covers news and events of interest to authors, artists, publishers, programmers, musicians and others who may benefit from copyright or trademark protection.

Gehrke & Associates, SC also maintains a general IP law blog featuring selected downloadable resources at . Has Been "Joe Job"ed

Recently, added a catch-all e-mail account. Since that time, hundreds of e-mails have been caught replying to e-mail addresses that does not use and has never used. The content of these e-mails is obviously SPAM. Please be assured that these e-mails did not originate from

This abuse our domain name is called a "Joe Job". WATA has been informed that short of abadoning our domain, there is nothing we can do to prevent this. We are just as angry about this abuse as you are. We apologize.

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If you want to find the true source of the SPAM, the following link has information about how to read the headers on the e-mail. Go to SPAMCOP. The source IP address is buried in the header coding.

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WATA Blog Adds Categories

Due to increased coverage of SPAM and Stem Cell issues, new categories have been added for stories related to these issues. In addition, subcategories have been created under Intellectual Property for Patent, Trademark and Copyright to allow better narrowing.