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Madison: Cats, dogs will soon be cloned here

00:00 am 12/24/04
Ron Seely Wisconsin State Journal

The company that made headlines around the world this week after announcing it had cloned a woman's pet cat for $50,000 will soon be cloning cats and dogs at a laboratory in suburban Madison.

Ben Carlson, a spokesman for Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc., said Thursday that the company, headquartered in the San Francisco area, is building its main laboratory near Madison and will open for business in the next couple of months.

Carlson said the company is building what will become the "foremost cloning laboratory in the world" in the Madison area. He declined to say specifically where the lab will be located, although he said it is outside of the city of Madison.

"It's just not something I'm authorized to provide," said Carlson when pressed about the location. "I can't give out a specific address. We're just not prepared to do the publicity on that yet."

The company will build its lab here, Carlson said, because the city is already known as a bustling biotechnology hub and, with UW-Madison here, is home to a talented pool of scientists and technical specialists. He added the company will initially employ between 8 and 10 people but said that number will grow as the business expands.

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