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The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - Testing for a cancer treatment that would spare patients the side effects associated with traditional treatments could begin as early as February, hospital officials said.

Research on a new procedure that uses radio waves has the backing of both U.S. senators from Pennsylvania, who pushed for the inclusion of $200,000 in the recently passed omnibus spending bill in order to begin fast-track testing.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is awaiting a prototype that could be completed by year's end by Energy-Onix, a New York company that produces AM and FM radio transmitters.

"UPMC is looking forward to getting started with preclinical animal testing of the first-generation device," said Dr. David Geller, co-director of the hospital's Liver Cancer Center. "We've received generous seed money that allows this to happen."

Few details about the technology have been released because no patent has been granted. The inventor said the technology destroys cancer cells with radio waves without harming healthy tissue.

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