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Engineer who worked on Apollo space program dies

Engineer who worked on Apollo space program dies

The Associated Press
BARNSTABLE, Mass. -- Edward Schwarm, an electrical engineer whose work on the Apollo space program helped NASA land the first man on the moon, died of skin cancer last month at his home on Cape Cod. He was 82.

Schwarm was working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when the school teamed up with NASA on the Apollo missions.

He developed some of the technology used in the Apollo 11 mission, the first lunar landing, and was part of the team that helped the Apollo 13 astronauts return safely to Earth.

Schwarm also was an accomplished inventor who owned 11 patents for innovations in space aviation and electronic power systems.

"He was an inventor, and he always looked at problems from a practical view," said his daughter, Shutesbury resident Claudia Gere.

During World War II, the Milwaukee native left the University of Wisconsin at Madison to join the Army.

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