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Group calls for closer look at nanotech ethics, safety risks

Group calls for closer look at nanotech ethics, safety risks
The Nanoethics Group says development of the technology may be outpacing safety

News Story by Patrick Thibodeau

JANUARY 23, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) - The development of products that use nanotechnology is racing ahead of the understanding of their potential health and safety risks, according to Patrick lin, research director of The Nanoethics Group, which is assembling industry and academic representatives worldwide to examine ethical and social issues raised by the technology.

“More and more nanotechnology products are being introduced into the marketplace, and there’s enough questions surrounding nanotechnology where we should really pause and really think” about steps that may be needed to protect health and safety, said Lin. He called for studies, such as an environmental impact study, “before we rush these products to the marketplace.”

This Santa Barbara, Calif.-based group today announced that it has created an advisory board of about 30 researchers from a variety of disciplines, including molecular manufacturing, medicine, law, bioethics and chemical engineering, to study the issues raised by nanotechnology development.

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